Monday, February 14, 2011

hey, you there in the bushes!

If you are naked and don't want to be seen but want to know who it is that you hear coming, you might step behind a hedge and just peak through. But do you know if the owner of the hedge is back there behind you with a full view of your backside?

...that is a metaphor for people who make obscure names for themselves and then repeatedly use those names in web IDs by which they chat, visit forums, blog and so forth...they almost make it easy for the marketer or phisher who is sifting the net for real names to manage an uncloaking. So say researchers at INRIA.

You can test that special bit of privacy armor you forged for yourself right here.
I did. My moniker greensmile is would not be identifying until the population of the planet shrank to 1.4 billion. But the gmail ID behind it is a friggen lighthouse with my name on it.

Monday, February 07, 2011

actually not funny

This was once good for a giggle.

Yes, friends, 32 bits just ain't big enough for all of us.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

'Bout time!

Thanks to my feed from Lindsay Bayerstein's new gig, [I don't get TV where I now live and hate like hell to even read the news much] I hear Obama finally got a priority I agree with.

Getting the general tax paying public, which is broker than a bum with a gambling habit, to pay for your lung replacement and your liposuction ain't gonna happen. Give up your state of denial about mortality and recover from your numbed sense of responsibility for your own dodgy health. Far better fates await a people who know they can't save themselves until they save their planet and remove the temptation to wage ruinous wars on petroleum rich dictatorships.

Who knows? Maybe I am living in a sane country after all?