Monday, August 27, 2007

Since the Dems don't have the balls... take the liars, the wastrels, the incompetents, and the felons to task or to court, I suppose we will have to settle for the the parade of disgraced administration minions masquerading as good, if misunderstood, public servants and talking up a pall of normalcy around the resignations of the likes of Michael Brown, Tom Delay, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Karl Rove, the all-but-pardoned fall guy Scooter Libby and now the gibbering sycophant Alberto "the embarrassment" Gonzales.

So the reign of idiots may end with a bang when Cheney gets his war on with Iran. But if not , it will just peter out like a bad runny nose: the miscreants can point to the lack of indictments and impeachments and go off to their country clubs to chat about how best to invest the consulting fees they will get from the lobbyists. That will leave the Democrats, who have no fight in them, to pick up the pieces of a barely salvageable financial, moral, military and political mess the Neocons have made. And the Dems will catch all the blame, despite their feckless finger pointing, for the very high price the US will pay for all that it as broken in its international relations, all that it has squandered of its wealth, all that it has cast away of its moral leadership and all the forestallable energy and environmental disasters that it has neither attended to nor strengthened its technology or its students to face.

With the fines and penalties that could be assessed for all the cooked books and crooked profiteering of Halliburton alone, a department of special prosecutors could be funded at no additional cost to taxpayers. A few people remain who have not be bought and have the vigor to bring the culture of corruption to a final accounting. We would not burden the wimps in congress who are so afraid of upsetting the apple cart for all the fantastic improvements they have made in Iraq, immigration and health care.

I am sick of the gum flapping lot of them.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

one flaw

satisfaction or even pleasure was all that I had planned
but many outcomes only served to tire or to disturb
as if some god reviewed each script and panned
one flaw of intentions small and grand
my flesh reports that I am a noun
bruising continues until I see mind is just a verb