Tuesday, April 08, 2008

This could not possibly be legal

A radio talk show host in New Jersey, whom the news cast will not identify, has been urging his listeners to physically harm the superintendant of a school system in my neighborhood. Literally, folks: the guy has said on air that people should beat a man up. Why? Because he approved textbooks that show a tolerance for gay marriage and bringing up kids in a diverse variety of "family" configurations. That is merely tolerance and in line with the laws of the Commonwealth as concerning marriage.

I would have thought that possessing a broadcasting license hinged on adherence to a minimal set of guidelines that must include NOT using the public airwaves to promote harm and criminal violence.

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cul said...

You would think so. I mean, aren't there standard laws against uttering threats, whether on public airways or in letters or just generally where there are witnesses? I know "uttering threats" is an entire legal catagory in Canada.