Thursday, March 17, 2005

Viva La Differentiation

Some of the most educated and influential people can speak as if there were organic differences between the sexes in such sexless and abstract specialties as mathematics. I could not prove such a contention by my experience. My SO earned a more advanced degree than I did and it was in mathematics. But I am a hopeful romantic [worse, I hear, than the hopeless kind] and take a dram of comfort from the notion that there is a feminine way to weigh ones life as distinct from a masculine way. What that difference is exactly, I can not satisfactorily formulate. What I observe is not more than my experience, mechanisms that suggest themselves to me, no more than guesses.

Men are driven mad sooner than women by the differences between what they expected their lives to be like and the lives they feel they have actually lived.

Less realism at the outset? Biologically doomed to a late realizaiton that offspring are our only certain legacy, that fabricating heritage, through craft or empire, is a sham substitute and the only hours of your life that get lived again after death are those you spend with your kids? Men are too rewarded for not talking about their fears and loose that vital relief valve? No...I have no idea why it is so but I see it play out often, especially in divorces.

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