Wednesday, March 16, 2005

When the 3rd or 4th shoe dropped,....

I suspected that the topic which had entered my darkened mind was not bipedal.   Religion is my millipede nightmare.   Shoes are banged on the table.   gauntlets hurled, and all the good advice to avoid a topic that could only make me enemies is ignored.

Progress is repugnant to some because it bears this crisis: what was once one quest has split into two and it is as if there were a fissure clear around a meridian.

Science is a framework within which we pursue technical knowledge in vehicles blind to the ancient artificial measures of good and bad.   Religion is a framework within which we can seek self integration and the tools to find or packages of ready made spiritual wisdom in a cart hitched to the allure of certainty, absolution and immortality through sacrifices that establish our ultimate worth.   Science, though it is built on the constant turn over of models proposed and models challenged to provide instrumented proof in a stream of tolerant skepticism, attracts a comunity bent on monolithic consensus.   There is in essence, only one kind of science.   Why can't we have only one kind of religion?

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GreenSmile said...

note to self, read more Notes in Samsara., eg Mumon's comments on Carters clumsy distinctions between science and religion.