Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Executioners Thong is on Sabbatical

And taking inventory.


Gerry said...
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Gerry said...

So, I find this really great blog and the blogger goes and has a 'sabbatical". story of my life really...

Have a good one... :-)

GreenSmile said...

I'll be back. The daily deadline thing was taking the fun out of it.

I am highly disorganized and need a plan if I am going to have things to say every day.

Pathetic old fart eh? I was thinking of renaming "thong" as "a comb full of hair".

Gerry said...

Comb full of hair? You're lucky there's still hair from which to fill your comb!

You don't need to say something every day. I just post when something drives me to do so. This means that on some days there'll be more than one post, on others there'll be none. I think trying to post to a plan is counter-productive.

Now write something! :-)