Sunday, May 15, 2005

Walking a mile in jackboots and sandals.

If you can only manage dread and disgust at the other side's pronouncements, if you can't for a minute fathom what life experience and human inclination could prompt one or a group of people to pursue some program or agenda, then you will never really engage them. Rather than a debate where you could at least make that peace we call agreeing to disagree, your political arena devolves to a neighborhood of drive by shoutings and flame warfare.

I speak here of how we, as a nation, "share" political thought. The matters of fact, the discovery, reporting and discussion of deeds done and harm done by the powerful is another matter. Only to the extent that we have a working democracy, do debates of ideology get any chance to change who is in power or to bear results in bombs or bullion brought to bear on the problems with established priorities.

Yeah, I'm worried.

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