Wednesday, July 06, 2005

One of the most saddening traits of culture.

Among our species, there emerge "primitive" cultures that are far more advanced than "advanced" civilization at preserving places of wonder. The magic of a place untouched by signs of "progress", can touch the heart. There are not enough "sacred" valleys and mountains and lakes. This is one of the few uses of the word sacred that the executioner favors. The scale for sacred places is not a human scale, pocket parks don't get it.

It is not because of human but because of merely cultural blindness that the beauty of a place is the seed of its own defacement.

The grafting of cultural priorities onto the root of human needs is an arbitrary development and full of hazard. In doing this we replace the needs of the heart with self appointed prerogatives and biases of nation and dynasty. The many dry up and poison the mortal contentment and sustenance of the few right at the source and only later notice the loss. The argument for this course is that our very numbers created a need. There is no need for these numbers.

Demanding balance, picking up every stone to assure our pan tips even with any other, we topple and break the scale.

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