Sunday, July 24, 2005

Support our troops

Build more bridges so they will have a place to sleep when they come home.


john_m_burt said...

That's more than most politicians are doing for them.

GreenSmile said...

Yeah, John, it is. Been that way since Viet Nam. If we get ourselves in some halfbaked conflict and the country won't put up with casualties, [totally unlike WWII] then the pols find some way to declare victory and quietly retreat. The country then acts like it had amnesia about that dirty page of our if a war that had no victory could not have any heros. Whether a person was drafted, conscripted by the lack of alternative employment, or had his love of country taken advantage of by a propaganda machine doesn't matter much to me. A veteran is in the end, someone who was willing to take a chance of dying when his country asked him to. I'd like to think that entitled a person to at least being made "whole" compared to the health and financial prospects he would have enjoyed had he NOT served his country. I think Sen Byrd, who now has the Repug attack machine yapping at his heels, deserves our moral and financial support: it was he who noted the billion dollar shortchanging of the veterans benefits and shamed the likes of Santorum into voting the appropriation.