Thursday, August 25, 2005


A liberal overestimates how much others care. A conservative underestimates how much others do.

Consider, as an example, the smelly place Mr. Marr has stuck his head in his first paragraph here.


john_m_burt said...

Gack, what a heap of boilerplate! I think Mr. Marr has overestimated how much thinking he does, since his writing is cut and pasted from a thousand other essays of the same sort.

GreenSmile said...

I stepped in Mr. Marr's brilliance in the process of googlecheking some other posting and mention it as an update to the original post because it fit the hypothesis so neatly. You prompt me to go back and actually read the brilliance. Odd: as you note, it seems a pastiche of platitudes and unwarranted generalizations of the sort I inveigh against in my post. But the oddest thing is that an ostensibly conservative collection of essays finds use for the words of a man who preached and practiced [and indeed tought the world about ] civil disobediance and specifically as a means of protesting and making known ones moral objections to a war. The full sequence should be "read, cut and paste". I claim to blog oblivously regarding particular persons but, indeed, examples help.