Friday, August 12, 2005

The environment is four dimensional

You live in the three dimensions of space, where water and air and land fill up the space and bear a few things for you to live on....for a while. Do not forget this environment also has the dimension of time, past and future.

If the only way you care to meet your needs is to steal from the future, you should do without or think up a better solution.

If doing without means you will parish, so what? You had no future anyway. ( Or do you believe that you were meant to be of the last generations of men?)


Theo said...

The tendency of feeding too many kids takes somehow precedence.

In the end it is the ratio of feeding the multitudes versus the investment of the leftovers to build a furure that will govern the future.

GreenSmile said...

I am still thinking this one through.

ZPG or even trimming the population back to a more sustainable 2 or 3 billion would be so good for humans and the environment. But the moral schemes that dominate most of the worlds cultures have a "multiply and be fruitful" commandment in them that is very much in cahoots with human nature. The culture change we need doesn't happen until a society has a very high living standard and fully educates both sexes. Those are two things you DON'T get in an overpopulation-poverty spiral at work on a national or in Africa's case, continental scale.