Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dating advice

Readership numbers suck around here. The executioner is going to have to broaden the product line. In addition to dubious metaphors and aphorisms and the infrequent [I saw those eyes roll heavenward!] long winded preachings overwrought and under researched, we will now add dating advice.

Today's advice is directed to the ladies. If any of the women reading this have wondered why they keep dating married guys, its the oxytocin. Granted, knock-out gene studies in mice may produce conclusions that need a little tailoring for Cosmo readers but there is a hint here. And besides gals, haven't you sworn that some of the "men" you dated really turned out to be rats?

The executioner offers the following advice. To make sure that you don't fall for the oldest trick in the book [pheromones have been operating since before there were primates], try the following ploy to remove the scents that make you lose your good sense. Ask the guy to shower and change to some fresh cloths or, better yet, make that first date a tennis date so he HAS to shower, before you make any decisions about a second date. Never hurts to know the guys a with a good overhand from the guys that are underhanded.


Davo said...

I see you've managed Blogger 'time travel' heh heh. Are we supposed to take this post seriously, considering the date?

Davo said...

Which is now "out of date" .. might now spend some time reading it ..heh.