Friday, March 24, 2006

Exemplary Stuff.

I don't want to forget what I came here to do. My blog is supposed to deal, sometimes gently and sometimes shrilly with "values". Conservatives tout their values and beat us at the polls, liberals live their values and get beaten.

I guess writing sayings about values doesn't engage anybody so I am going to resort to examples.

I posted a couple of times about STUFF, about possessions and what a false self they provide. What has that got to do with anything we should, as voters or as liberals, pay any attention too? Just look at where the stuff winds up when you are bent on getting stuff. Could a picture like this one from the Times article also be the summary residue of your life?

How empty should a politician be before you just can't stand to vote for him? The NYTimes titles the article "..Ex-Congressman's Ruined Life on Auction". The times is a news paper and not a blog so they don't have the luxury of getting it. They speak as if the "ruin" of this man's life lay in his getting caught and humiliated and shorn of his booty. I say his life was ruined before and all the money lust was but a symptom.

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