Thursday, December 07, 2006

Darwin's Revenge

A species that becomes resistant to most of the selection pressures that the environment can apply will itself become the most drastic pressure on every other species in that environment...and enjoy a freedom to degenerate unknown to any other creature nature ever fashioned.


cul said...

Yeah true...that species can run but can't hide in the long run.

Yoohoo, ebola anyone?

Gerry said...

Well said. I often liken the human race to a plague of mice. They multiply in huge numbers where there is an abundant food source, strip their environment bare, and then starve to death in huge numbers to almost extinction, the few survivors looking for a new food source, and when this is found the game starts all over again.

Are we no wiser than mice?

GreenSmile said...

Cul, your gettin' as ornery as me.

Gerry, there's all sorts a hopless chaps in this world but not many that have such a good reasons as you.