Sunday, January 14, 2007

and now, a word from our unsponsor

This weeks post was withheld from you by...
Mt Moosilauke. Yep, another weekend, another ascent. This time junior picked an easy hike of ten miles and only about two thousand feet of climb, no crampons or ice axes this time around. And, oddly uncharacteristic of this so-called winter, snow. Ah but we got a lesson. The plantless rocky deserts above treeline are that way for a reason.

Only a few hundred feet below the summit and in protection of trees, its cold but calm.

On the summit, you can't see 100 yards, the temperature has dropped to the low twenties and the wind is a steady 50 mph, making the icy footing even more precarious.

Safely down from the summit, ice still clings to the brim of my hat and clouds cling to the peak, which never saw the sunshine that broke out elsewhere.


Sister Novena said...

Ha ha, I see you! :)

GreenSmile said...

see! I am not that damn shy.

[not that funny either]