Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"stay the curse" or "scourge", the policy still sucks

Sorry for not posting. Kinda working two jobs just now.

I simply could not let this go unnoted. It strains forbearance, it strains credulity that this embarrassing accident of a president, this disgraceful son of a Bush can, after sound political defeat and inevitable military stalemate of his hare brained plans for empire, still say things like this. I turned off the TV so I don't know what else he said. But why should I listen further? Either he is an idiot or he thinks we are idiots. What other sense can you make of this assertion from the speech he made in support of his call for a new "surge" plan, a call for 22 thousand new victims of patriotic folly :

"A democratic Iraq will not be perfect. But it will be a country that fights terrorists instead of harboring them,..."

Reality, which has been admitted to not be his base, quite literally is the opposite his assertion. The Bush/Cheney instigated war in Iraq has removed an ugly political power that had no trust and hardly any business with a rival like Al Qaida. Clumsily decapitating the Baath party only created a political vacuum and putting a 100 thousand of our soldiers in an Arab country with no clear purpose [what WMD?] just became a beacon cause to Islamist martyrs. We shall be decades undoing the damage. Damn this fool. Call your representative and tell them to vote not one nickel for more war. Bush is rich as hell, let him pay for this hell.


kurt said...

Well said.
Straight and to the point.
Well said.

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