Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I found a live one!

Have you ever wondered who supports the Republican administration and actually likes their agenda? I found a live one: It is incredible...and yet it explains so much. Someone send the poor guy instructions on the use of shift-lock. I would have suspected a spoof site but this creature leaves comments just a brain-stunting as the posts.


Larry said...

I've always wondered what a neocon supporter would be like.

MRF said...

Thanks for alerting me to the wonder of Americaphile. The hour I spent reading Ralphie's missives was the most entertaining I've had online in a while. I even left a comment!

P.S. It has to be a spoof. Doesn't it?

GreenSmile said...

MRF: Yeah, I really thought it might be...I mean it is so very over the top. But I found it via a an equally brainless attempt to insult liberals in a comment on Alicia's Hooterville blog. And besides, this creature is firing on all conservative cylinders:bush is confused with jesus and, apparently without reading any of his own words, liberals are the "axis of hate" would be a damn fine acting job if it is a fake.