Thursday, October 18, 2007

FCC asks to ratify media monopolies.

I am just mailing this in, sorry.

There are a few problems that are the seeds of many problems. Campaign finance reform is also a huge problem. But we need to concentrate on those about which we can the most.

In my book, media content dictated by a handful of conservatives with more interest in promoting a view of the world that favors the growth of their wealth than they have ever had in fair and balanced news is one of the worst problems. But it is not on the verge of a leap in severity. Today's reason to get up and call you congressman TODAY, and to write the FCC is that the media moguls want to shut out the liberal and honest voices before they can do harm to any elections...this is a seed problem about to be sewn and fertilized. You didn't find your protests effective when congress had a chance to do the right thing about children's health care. It would be easy to give up in disgust...I nearly did. That is just what the Ruperts of the world want and expect of us.

As you will note in the Times article and as Ian Welsh spells out at Agonist, this time around its more desperate than last because the supreme court was all that saved open access to media from monopoly...and Bush has altered that court. Whatever is to be done, you and I are going to have to do it.


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mm, thinking. Nice t'know that there are no singular straps up yer arse . heh.

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