Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A well trodden way

Not surprised, I find that when some insight life beat into me finally sharpens to a statement in a terse tart phrase, I am the 10 millionth person to have reached that bit of wit.

I meant by that that evidence is miraculously abundant for someone with a preconception to support. In one way or another, so imply thousands of others to whom the expression occurs spontaneously. No wonder science is such an unfamiliar and even hostile profession to the average American. Getting anything less than just what you want appears to be a substantially repellent feature of reality when encountered by minds conditioned by advertising as much as by experience.

The perplexing thing, the fact that puts all our endeavors under a cloud is that despite the insight being well documented, its violations are virtually the main content of MSM. I am fond of Krishnamurti's very deep expression that truth is a pathless land. But it seems that truth is at hand constantly and not far from the most well worn paths. It is just that those paths are circles on which our peculiar species repeatedly approaches the truth and then just passes it by to be rediscovered and re-ignored in endless repetition.

When you watch the news, just remember, you are not so much watching history's telling or an unfolding of a causal chain. You are hearing foolish humans picking and choosing things to say about other foolish humans. The real import of the news will be more the display of the disturbed processes of our collective and individual minds than it will be a coherent narrative or a tale with any meaning or end.

This ape is not ready for anything. He leadeth me beside black waters.

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