Thursday, February 21, 2008

If liberals are really fair, they will cut McCain some slack on his personal life.

Regarding this stink about McCain's rumored relationship with an aid:
I am with Sean-Paul and a few others: if MoveOn started up because we thought a hunting pack of neurotic Republicans and people who use the bible as ammunition, by neglecting most other substantial government duties to pursue an obsession with Bill Clinton's indiscretions, wrought a travesty of proper governing, then we MoveOn types should not be strident in condemning McCain about the affair, if that is even the proper term for it. There are much more substantial reasons to reject McCain's quest to lead America, such as his thirst to cement our nation's course into an era of permanent war.
BUT...Whereas Lewinsky was not seeking a deal on taxation or regulation for some industry, the fact that Iseman was a lobbyist should be looked into carefully, especially after all McCain's brave talk about cleaning corporate influence out of government. Even if they did get personal it is a non-issue to me as long as it had no consequences such as undue influence on legislation. The possibility that the uptight fundies McCain has been courting will have a problem even with appearances of impropriety is a good joke though...its just not OUR issue. Jane Hamsher has a fix on the real problem

This is how I try to keep a little perspective about goings on around our nation's capital: nobody owns that dog so just about everything you find on it is a flea of some kind. What jobs did Iseman have before and after her dealings with McCain?

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