Friday, February 22, 2008

Oh Noz! Nadir again

A week ago or so, MoveOn queried us about what issues to shuffle to the top of the agenda. One thing I suggested [for what that is worth] was that MO should pressure the Democratic candidates to keep environment issues and reduced fossil fuel dependence on the front burner in order to blunt any votes leaking over to the green party if Ralph Quixote Nader sought yet again to make his largely meaningless statement. I would vote green if it would do any good but all it does is help the Republicans. Nader should target his zeal at electoral reforms first and THEN seek office in a world where a minor party would have its proportional voice. We are still a winner-take-all electorate. Splinter parties only hurt those they are closest to.

Well, here it comes.

And beside his egotistical spoilsport intentions, hasn't Nader noticed that Al Gore, the guy he won't admit he helped defeat, has done vastly more to make American's conscious of green issues than Nadir EVER did?

Give it a rest Ralph.

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