Saturday, December 24, 2005

Another word from our sponsor

Tis the season for commercials and Tempus Fugit Inc, proud sponsor of The Executioners Thong is not one to make war against anyone's holiday. So, in conformance with evidence broadcast by the loudest warriors for the defense in the war on Christmas as to what the spirit of the holiday is, we present our advertisement.

The maxim "use it or lose it" is true of nothing so much as it is of time.

Once in a while, the best way to use it is to do absolutely nothing.

An ironic way of becoming more the master and less the victim of time is meditation. In ceasing to do anything short of being aware in a wordless and unresisting way of time's flowing by, you can step outside time, cease being like the fish that does not know it lives in water.

The deadlines with which we mark time seem to aid our sense of accomplishment when they don't poison and oppress us but they will finally be just ribbons and bits of paper the river bears out to sea.

Tempus Fugit Inc., maker of time, suggests you try their new "contemplated second" and for that someone special, give our "moral minute".

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