Saturday, December 31, 2005

Coming soon to a universe near you

Heterodoxy will be breaking out all over the place.


Gerry said...

You bastard! :-)

I had to look that word up.

Shokai said...

Greensmile has sent me to Webster's on line dictionary ( more than a couple times!

For the can-you-top-this? spooky synchronicity file: that picture of the Horsehead Nebula (sans grin, of course) has been my desktop wallpaper since I bought this new computer last September.

Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to another year of wisdom on this blog.

Davo said...

Please don't tell me that ET is developing a sense of humour .. have come to rely on its sensible sanity.

Happy new year.

GreenSmile said...

Thanks to you all. I'd have hung it up back in june but for the few regulars who can stand me. Y'all
have a great '06.

BTW...hit counter just turned 5000, thanks to a visitor who came by way of Water Disolves Water.

Shokai said...

The least I can do, man, was send a little your way.