Sunday, May 28, 2006

Science to rescue Congressmen [June Fools Day]

Its not just the president who has crashed and burned his "mandate" [if he ever had one beside Guckert] The congress sinks lower in the esteem of voters with each vote. We have witnessed a dismaying string of setbacks for freedoms, civil rights, our children's financial security and peace because of near total anorchia among our elected representatives. They have rolled over and played dead for the administration on the selection of a military spy master to run a civilian intelligence agency. They muttered but let stand the mealy mouthed excusing of domestic spying by the Bush-appointed top law enforcement official. Even when one of them was nuts enough to go first, the rest of them didn't have the nuts to vote even a reprimand of the president's blatant incompetence and disregard for the law.

But there is new hope! One issue in which the congress refused to play the toady to the President's thinly veiled fundamentalist agenda was in stem cell research. If your congressman just barely has the balls to back stem cell therapy research, perhaps THIS stem cell therapy could salvage their feckless asses.

note: originally post-dated to appear out of order while I goofed off over memorial day. pretty lame, eh?

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