Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Suggested reading suggestions

Sorry, this is such a bloggerly thing to do but its a pet page of mine even though I have no link to it, yet, on my blog.

When Crooked Timber takes on a topic they consider significant, several of the contributers weigh in and they produce the online equivalent of a small symposium. This may be a touch academic for some of us but a likely hunting ground for new thoughts or new perspectives on old stuff.

They have been threatening to explore Yokai Benklers "The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production transforms Markets and Freedom" for a few weeks and yesterday morning, they delivered. Whats it all about? You should read the essays, but, for instance, here Eszter puts a sentence around one of the benefits of the book:
The book serves as a helpful reference to various online discussions and events that have occurred in the past few years and it is useful to have them documented and linked together suggesting that they were more than isolated occurrences of how people are using digital technologies for political and social purposes.
The book was downloadable [if you could bear the server-limited delivery rate] when CT first mentioned it a few weeks ago. You could buy it too.

I find it odd that CT appears in so few blogrolls among all my usual bookmarks...I can get from CT to just about anywhere by clicking through the web of blogroll linkage. Is it the length of their posts? Am I just an odd consumer of blogs?

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