Saturday, August 26, 2006

Calling for humanitarian missionaries to the red states.

If Terry Schiavo was "alive" enough to be worth saving then so are quite a few Republicans. And even more Democrats might be saved. Follow Alicia's lead: find a person who didn't vote last time, or voted the Republican ticket and start talking to them. Don't let them forget any of the promises that were made, don't let them forget any of the indictments or convictions. Ask them who they think is going to pay to clean up the messes. Maybe we can save a few.

There are only two working months until votes are counted [we hope]. Its time to start drumming in the inconvenient truths, of which there seem to be more than one.


etbnc said...

Looks like a worthy project. I notice that George Lakoff's books, Moral Politics and Don't Think of an Elephant are sources of inspiration.

Have you looked them yet, GS? I think you'll find value there.

GreenSmile said...

Lakoff is in the book queue...I'll tackle it next.