Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A picture worth a thousand angry words.

Not my usual kind of post but this word should get around. I have to tell you to go read this post up on Agonist. I have never seen in one page and one graph so clear an indictment of our filthy campaign finance laws. Read the post. Turn off your TV because you will hardly hear of any good candidate in that expensive medium. Read 'em and weep. Read 'em and vote. There is a sh*tlist of the usual suspects, heavily lobbied [and consistently Republican] congressmen who took the restaurant industry's money and are now behind a law to let restaurants reduce employee wages by the amount their tips even where states had disallowed that kind of accounting. F___ these "legislators"! I am tipping cash under the table if they pass this robbery into law. You think the busboys have a PAC or the money to put into one? Some don't even have green cards so they are right where the employers want them.

And what a surprise that the same legislation would shave $100 million off of Paris Hilton's tax liability while the hotel chain with her name and fortune is busy screwing its workers.

Corruption and injustice are inseparable. You must kill both or be rid of neither.


jan said...

I just want you to know I liked this post and I sent it on to my sister with two college-age kids in IL. I don't spend enough time with them anymore to influence them, but their mom, whom they respect, will, as a result of my letter this evening, encourage them to vote in the right direction. At least it's a start. I just wanted you to know your post had an impact, however small it might be. Thanks for your ferocity and commitment.

GreenSmile said...

Thank you. It is a dark day when we have misgivings about our democracy. Questions about vote count manipulations, the preference for news media to concentrate on alarming and graphic content for the sake of keeping the ad reveue up and the drowning out of all the little voices because laws permit big money to talk much louder...all these weigh on the minds of people who work and just want to do their bit to live in a better world.

Against that, the ordinary citizen seems to have few options. Getting involved in politics can take all the time and money one has to spare. Another option is the on-line protest marches we call the blogosphere . All the facts are there but not well attended and maybe the protesting will get them noticed.

You made my day!