Friday, September 01, 2006

Don't strike out, psych out.

Some say you should always spit out anger. Some say you should just swallow it. I see both approaches fail and anger only growing. I say never open your mouth to let the anger in.

Some say anger is like strength. Some say anger is our protection against hurt. I see the angry among us do most of the hurting. I say stay with the hurt, looking right at it, so you may pull it up by the roots like a weed.

Some say fear makes cowards of us. Some say we all have fear but the cowards just can't be in the same room with their own fear. I see that pain is real and fear is unreal, just the contemplation of pain. I say learning avoids the pains that are avoidable, fear only defers pain and wisdom barely distinguishes pain from other sensations, regarding all as learning aids.

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Davo said...

and the greatest of all "sins", is apathy.