Monday, September 11, 2006

How to serve just desserts

Try to honor all claims. Do not dispute announced intentions. Repeat them taking great care that all will know whom to credit for them. Leave the dishonoring to those same mouths that make the proud pronouncements.

I find nothing more damning of the current administration's claims and agendas than their old press photos, their own words and those of their revered predecessors. [No, you probably don't spend enough time reading Crooked Timber.]


kurt said...

Wow, GreenSmile, this post was so good I had to read it twice.
I know. I'm a smart-ass. Please don't hate me. :)

GreenSmile said...

Well, Kurt, if you read it more than once, you might have spanded the moment when blogger reloaded with my fixed spellings...I wrote it more than once!

GreenSmile said...

I posted.

I edited.

I commented

I noticed there were two posts with same timestamp.

I deleted.

I do not understand Blogger.