Sunday, November 05, 2006

[A Bomb a nation] My InBox

A warning: when google adsense, via your Gmail contents, figures out that you are interested in US politics, it makes its nickel by putting up sponsored ads on the right sidebar. I once clicked on one of them that was asking "what do you think of Ann Coulter?", expecting to get a pop-up poll with radio buttons like:
  1. [] She is a vacuous hate monger,
  2. [] She is a lying right wing provocateur,
  3. [] She is a vicious hussy

But what I got was a guilefully worded invitation to provide my e-mail address in order to receive I-forget-what useful information. Fortunately, I provided the addy of my email dumpster account, a box to which a torrent of commercial and dubious crap flows with scant attention from me. I have ever since then been bombarded by "news" from the publisher of Limbaugh's lambastings and Coulter's calumnies, Newsmax. The inbox looks like this now and you can tell by the subjects that you don't want to open the mail:

As you can see, I also take my MoveOn mail here. It makes a juxtaposition of jarringly different versions of reality. I will be making phone calls and stuff from now until Tuesday so there won't be much posting...I am sorry I never go around to my intention of a series of posts on what I thought were the important issues. But who reads me anyway? More than enough to read out there already. I would urge you to read less in fact and do more, like calling voters to go and do their jobs.

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