Saturday, November 04, 2006

A change of perspective, a change of heart.

I am not a particularly generous or sympathetic person. I am inclined toward cynicism when observing the behavior of others. Of this sour observation, I have changed my interpretation. A more positive view is just as reasonable when the kindness of others besets you. It is possible that a person who has said something complimentary, done a small favor or otherwise stroked you does so becasue they inclined to or limited to doing the business of relating in the currency they accept. They are telling you what they would like from you. In relationships, that is privileged information. Now it may seem that I am saying much the same thing in both my newer and former formulations of the observation but the person to whom the I imagine giving the advice is on the other end of the transaction this time. Of the two parties to the exchange of kindness, the consciousness of the recipient is far more crucial. You would, in fact, be the perfect giver of kindness if you had no expectation, no thought at all beyond whether your attentions were being received as kindness.

Though I am in fine health, I won't live long enough to repair all my opinions so I better enjoy the process.

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