Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tell me what you think

I am going to an organizing meeting tomorrow to figure out what volunteers who made phone calls and helped buy ads can do now that those efforts have paid off.

Its not that it hasn't occured to me that if you, gentle reader, were a politics junky, you would be reading Daily Kos, TPM, myDD, Atrios and the like rather than my rarely interesting, often shrill and redundant rehashings and reactions. You might even wish the politics would stop disturbing the peace here. Well, I probably will be cutting the feed from A Bomb A Nation in a week or so and it will get a bit more quiet and contemplative here at TET.

I'm giving you a rest. But I do not think I have, or the left hemisphere of the blogosphere or even the voters of America have done enough to rest from fixing the ills, the ill will and the ill considered plans that afflict the nation. That rest may be in order when the biggest of the problems that forced us to the polls have fair and affordable solutions in place. How soon is that? I understand some sacrifices will be needed to pay down our literal and some of our figurative debts to the world that the Bush administration has racked up. But what can we do beside complain and vote?

Through my blogging, through reading everyone elses blogs and through my experiences with GOTV efforts, I have perceived that there is a substantial and genuinely new constituency in the so-called net roots. Always-on and interactive do make a difference in how and more importantly when some of us will attempt to engage and influence our formerly remote and forgetful representatives. Seriously, I feel like there is a new political force, not quite like the political parties and I mean to find out if the feeling is well founded.

This brings me to my request. I would be interested in knowing if anyone has ideas of what activities would make good follow-through on the success that volunteers may have lent to the election. If you are in fact one of those relieved to hear that posting will shortly revert to musings with less of the political and strident posting, just note: you don't have to get in to politcs but sooner or later politics will come to you. This may be the easiest time to give advice. I am nobody special, but I am listening.

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