Thursday, February 17, 2005

Be grateful, you might have been reading....

a blog titled "Deep Quote". [though, the land rush being pretty much over for great screen names and blog titles, its probably taken...I aint even gonna google for it]. An imaginary friend, who doesn't take me very seriously, suggested that title for my blog. My response to that is
[a] posing as a sage by passing off my pompus pearls is arrogance enough,
[b] EXPECTATIONS! Your title can cast you in irons. Some of the people who stumble on a link, seeing only its name, might follow it in hopes of porn or avoid it in fear of porn. The rest might follow it in hopes of juicey inside politics and priveleged revelations. They'd never come back once they see its just some farm-boy filosofer. There are many blogs with unreported "facts" and news with which to assail whatever it is that they already hated before they heard of blogging...I would not want to be tossed in that basket by readers who get no farther than the title. I certainly have my biases but they haven't much to do with the news and anyway, I am working on them. Nope, I will strive for wit and settle for intrigue.

But I digress. Todays installment:
Whatever it was, its was not the worst mistake you ever made until you made it the second time.

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