Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Does any of this need explaining?

If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, most of its bridges are built with reasonable assumptions.


ggazic said...

So once a week I'm to check your blog for new aphorisms? I could google "aphorisms" and fulfill the desire to read aphorisms. What would you google for to replace my scattered blog?

I've been thinking about Buddhism, actually. Or rather it's been at the back of my mind since I chucked Christianity and read "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse. Maybe I'll look into it a bit, and post my (somewhat naive) questions & conclusions. Maybe I'll do that instead of my physics homework...yeah, that sounds like me.

Anyway, thanks for leaving a comment. Your blog is interesting, very minimalist. Post more.

GreenSmile said...

Your welcome.
Uh..I'd stick to the physics for now.
I got a BS in physics...can't say I use it every day but I still think it is the best tool for reading the bible that god wrote rather than the ones men [and I don't think men needs to be construed as some how gender neutral here] wrote: there is both poetry and logic in nature to leave all the works of mortals in deep shadow. I read Demian...all my friends read Siddhartha. One of the best intro's I know of is a book comparing the Bhuddist ideas about mind and existance with those of western psychoanalysis. Be prepared to deal with the fact that "I" is an illusion [though in my experience an intelligent person dealling with ADD is somewhat prepared for that] thoughts without a thinker by Mark Epstein.

I'm shooting for one a day. One of my imaginary friends asked me why I don't title my blog "Deep Quote". But I am certain that self deprication is the height of good fashion, good manners and good communicaiton on the web. I'll be fashionable in other I lay my pompus pearls.

GreenSmile said...

I didn't answer your question! I actully tried googling for your blog. Technically, the answer appears to be "I can't, you are not indexed." But if you were, I think the answer is still "I can't" no one word or cluster seem to be keywords here and inspite of some exhaustive and rather snotty categorizing of blogs that I have rummaged, I still find you "beyond category".

I did, as you suggest, post more. Its coming up on one month's output just now. 'Nuf?

GreenSmile said...

Finding the right word for something makes me so happy I get up and run around correcting all my previous inferior choices!

the phrase for why Gina will never be more than a googlewhack or no match at all: you are sui generis