Friday, April 08, 2005

Does it help to read blogs?

Sorry, that is a trick question. Don't take candy, political advice or a ride on the lap from a man who asks questions that way.

The trick? Did you immediately think "help what? help whom?" or did you assume some context and complete the question. You might have assumed "help make the world a better place" or you might have assumed "help ease my pain". Neither tacit completion is unlikely given where you are reading this and the kind of persons who most often read things here. These two certainly exhibit a difference of emphasis in self vs community. Other responses and no response are all possible too. The point I am driving at is that if the only context is a hint that help is needed, i.e. that there is a problem but no further specifics, what is THE PROBLEM THAT BUBBLES UP from the recesses of your mind? Why is THAT the problem lurking beneath the surface of consciousness?

No problem will damage you so much as the problem you feel helpless to solve or avoid. The problem you've never heard of might seem a more dangerous prospect but that sort of problem does not have its ally, worry, in your camp. Be on guard for those propensities in your nature that are really in cahoots with your problems.

Do read and write the angry expose' , the demolishing analysis and the withering sarcasm. But do it for the sake of the community it builds and the truths it restores and not just to be shooting those words like so many arrows into an empty field.

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