Saturday, April 30, 2005

More humor analyzed to death

The sad thing about romantic love is not that it sometimes ends but that it sometimes lasts long enough for the lovers to get married.

This is a joke? Who is the butt of this joke? Who played this joke on whom? People will always divide themselves into those who find a given joke funny and those who do not. In the case of this joke, would that divide indicate a deficient sense of humor or just that some of our rules are broken?


Mumon said...

You can write a book on postmodern and psychological analyses of jokes. There no doubt have been.

It is one of my failings, I suppose, as a Zen student that I am not yet of the Thich Nhat Hanh school, of speaking softly and never offending, but rather the the school that talked about Buddha-nature as dried s*!t on a stick, with a giggle.

My taste for tastelessness was cultivated over many years; maybe someday my giggle will grow into a chuckle.

GreenSmile said...

At least Buddhists don't go about beating unbelievers with that stick.