Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A world of strangers

Since much of what we perceive about another person is their reaction to our behavior, we will never truly know that other person until we have unhidden as much of our authentic self as we can put forth.


You will seldom overestimate your capacity to hurt another person's feelings...there is judgement in all but the most careful perceiving.

We are not likely to succeed if we start a dialog or a relationship by changing how another goes about perceiving us. The prosperous work is all internal. And that work is only a bit more likely. So, until we can see through hurt or somehow be above it, we hide. This reticence is nearly universal though it does not seem beneficial. The exception of course is "being in love" and the tendency of many cultures to celebrate that state in song and ceremony testifies to how deep and widespread is the wish not to be a stranger.

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