Friday, January 06, 2006

Don't put the juggernaut before the horse.

Most religions that proslytize do not disguise and may even boast that their gift to the prospective convert is to be born again: not just to change your mind or add some knowledge to it but a transformation that is, and claims the need to be, a wholesale replacement of your identity and world view. And a goodly number of us also bristle at that prospect, not from arrogance as much as understanding that we cannot just abdicate our individual responsibility for what kind of person or how good a person we will be. And some of us are so miserable having to sleep in our own skin that we might gladly strap on these stiff masks of self confidence, fancying we have tossed out the trashy parts of ourselves.

I hate to take a defensive tone but, shod with cleats, I know I tread a field of bare toes when I discuss religion so please read my disclaimer before getting offended.

What if, instead of getting a new mind by studying a religion, you got a new religion by learning how to study your mind?

A mind is something you actually have, isn't it?


Amy said...

Ohhhhhh Greensmile...

We could have such interesting conversations about this.

GreenSmile said...

I would expect no less from you Sister. But would I change my mind about anything?

GreenSmile said...

It need not be a private conversation.

Let me know when you find a good place to for such conversations.

Anonymous said...

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