Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Word of the day for January 11, 2006

Canard: Not just any old lie. This is a piece of unexploded ammunition that fell harmlessly short of you in your enemy's war on your truth. If you are lucky, the enemy's naive new recruits will fetch it from the field for a fresh attack, at which time, you might get it to detonate as they lug it back.

Examples are too abundantly provided by the Whitehouse for me to chose, I am overwhelmed. My favorite of the moment is the whitewashing of Sam Alito: we should believe he is as neutral as distilled water on a host of critical social issues and freedoms. OK, I stretch things a bit when currying favor with a prospective employer so I will give Alito the benefit of the doubt about his writings to the Regan administration when he was looking for work. But what excuse beside innate appetite for such company would exonerate his participation in Concerned Alumni for Princeton?

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