Friday, January 13, 2006

open left hand thread #1

I might was well try the open thread thing...I have no time to write anything just now. Since I draw an average of about .2 comments per post, I am certainly courting humiliation.

Not that I haven't noticed the big blogs don't do this but I'd like to suggest a topic. After all, only the huge franchises like Atrios have the traffic to bring out the commentator in everyone: if I just said "here's your thread folks", the absence of comment would be hard to take, like nobody showing up for a party you throw. Anyway, I KNOW there are some ET lurkers out there in British Coloumbia and this is the week for your coming out party.

Amanda did my hit counter, which will pass for my ego's alter ego, a world of good by discussing her pet theory of what turns people conservative. Replying to her in the comments at Pandagon, I said
My bottom line is that politics is more profitably viewed as a field of applied practical psychology than as a branch of law or of economics or of anything with abstract notions of good, evil or common wellfare being debated and decided, i.e. marketers and actors enter the political arena with considerable advantages.

I think that is so. But there is so much more to say on this matter, so lets hear it!

If I had Dubya on the couch, I'd give him a bigger, drier pretzel. But since it is just you, gentle reader, can you tell me a little more about your father....

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