Friday, March 17, 2006

If (approval < 20%) print "WMD Found";

There, I just saved Karl Rove a bundle. That line of code can be his whole program at this point.

Here is the trickle up of factoids gleaned from real authentic pre-invasion Iraqi secret documents as it moves up the food chain of right wing blogs. The last time ANYONE was that uncritical of a document was when Dan Rather took Bush's national guard records at face value and ran with it. Considering that our government possessed these documents for nearly three years, many of us find it curious that no one saw a need to disclose these "smoking guns" until bush approval ratings dip into mid thirties. Even the pros get burned. Now that its the blogger's turn to tell their hope from the straight dope, we'll see who gets it right. Glenn Reynolds was wondering why MSM hasn't made more of this pile of papers.

Seems clear to me why not. The for-profit press, for all the compromises it has made with this administration, still employs some able reporters and fact finders. If by now they haven't dug up this information in the normal course of their snooping its likely because this was never regarded as substantial. The public esteem for dear leader and his gang and their adgendas dwindle. He has already done the neocon causes much of the serious damage and discrediting they deserve. I would imagine he flips back and forth between staying the curse and writhing about looking for a way to cut losses and get out of Iraq while he can still hang "mission accomplished" on this abortion. It must be appealing to the bush league to find a few left over crumbs from that cardboard feast of "information" that was so useful in getting us into the war. What a clear sign of desperation that after two years of discediting for each claimed cause for war, they are still trying to sell Saddam's Scary War Machine to us. Or maybe they need to convince themselves that somehow the "facts" that justify war are true because they can't voice an unconsious fear of something the anti-war souls have known all along:

What true victory could come of a war based on lies? What if you couldn't repeat a lie often enough to make it true?


traderrob said...

I believe most "right" blogs (including mine) are being very careful about not making conclusions based on the docs so far released. Most of us are simply releasing the translated versions and letting our readers make their own assesment as to to their merit. My personal opiniion is after thousnads of these have been released, translated and scrutinized collectively they will indicate a clear relationship between al-qaida and Iraq however it is only an opinion at this point.

GreenSmile said...

I don't know anything special that would entitle me to an opionion beside what I read in the papers. The Boston Globe said Saturday that all the documents dumped to the web have been lightly screened for show stopper info. As a result, I don't expect we are going to learn much at all. And, betraying my distrust of government in general as much as the current one in particular, I especially don't expect to hear anything damaging or embarrassing to the administrations positions.

Really, what would you expect? If they had the goods, we'd have heard it by now.

I wonder if the intelligence analysts think as highly of this amateur-hour approach as you and I is kinda neat and very net-democracy-in-action to opensource the documents. Who is going to judge the intelligence value of the results? Who is going to judge the PR value of the program?