Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Suck Butts and Die

Exectioners don't like corpses, they make corpses. So I hate it when tobacco companies horn in on my work.

I went to see "Thank you for smoking" last night and it was sold out. Good ol' Kendall Square Cinima.

Won't surprise anyone to hear I am in-your-face unpleasant company when someone lights up around me. I heard on the radio yesterday that widespread smoking bans in NZ have been accounted a sucess. Last year, pro industy and conservative comment claimed the ban would be a disaster. And today, a bit of science news: "Light it up or get it up: choose one". Now a man like Rush Limbaugh, fond of being pictured with a stogy, might get different results but I am not going to ask him.

And he's not going to tell me.


Alicia said...

I am a rabid tobacco foe. They'll yank a sweetener off the market if a 500% overdose gives a rat cancer, but something guaranteed to make you sick with normal use? Just fine! No problem! Because it's so profitable! Just like the poppy fields in Afghanistan! What's wrong with that?

GreenSmile said...

smokes killed my dad. he knew that in the back of his mind, the rest of us saw it coming in a more conscious way.

I finally did get in to see Thank you for not smoking. It is funny but not nearly edgy enough. It mostly skewers the hypocrisy of the industries that profit from death and addiction and use the profits to support massive lobbying but it also leaves a little room for the claim that the use of guns, alcohol and tobacco is also a matter of personal choice. Only in the strictest sense can I agree with that; like saying suicide is a personal choice.

The movie is not even trying to be particularly objective or accurate about the kinds of people who oppose smoking.

Anonymous said...

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