Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A comment on my reception of persuasion

If I were offered faith alone, I would turn away. If I am told understanding balances on a leg of faith and a leg of doubt, my own intelligence tells me I should attend. When I hear that the third leg is a force my own intelligence must supply, I discover I am already in attendence.


Shokai said...

Or to put it another way, having decided to attain the other shore, you look around and realize that you're already there.

GreenSmile said...

The synchronicity is jolting, Shokai: I have in draft just now a "childrens story" about some people who live on an island which they do not realize is "C" shaped. Having used up the local resources on the easy-living end of their land, they spy a verdant spot "across the water" and begin logging and mining their way through the "back lands" in order to bridge the straights. By the time their bridge reaches the far shore, they greet their own scouts from the mining operation...over whose shoulders a barren expanse of stumps and tailings looms.

[which does not actually relate to your comment but...]

And yes, understanding is not like some foreign country but more like your own back yard if only you could cease worrying how it looks to your neighbors.

Shokai said...

Nice C-shaped island story.