Thursday, July 20, 2006

Flattery need not be insincere.

"You are doing a truly expert job of criticizing yourself!"

"Do you realize how good your bones would look mounted in a museum display case?"

"As your investment advisor, I have to tell you that few people realize how important the Republicans are to our economy. What sense would it make for Viacom to buy the Onion if we only had Democrats or, god forbid, Greens in congress? It would put everyone to sleep! Put some of your money in shares of mattress companies...uh and put some of it under your mattress just in case."

"And they said it was impossible to make theocrats look any more out of step with the nation than they already do! Congratulations Mr. President, once again you have proven those cry baby scientists and 'liberal media' pundits wrong!"

Why do we have a man who can't distinguish between a baby and a stem cell,

or between a babe and a head of state,

or between a majority of his citizens and his personal religious interest group, as the leader of the world's first nuclear armed empire?


etbnc said...

Isn't it about time for the US govt. to have some adult supervision?


GreenSmile said...

[giggling is heard off stage]

JahTeh said...

One of our political blogs, Lavartus Prodeo, asked what would have happened if Ronnie Reagan had done this to Maggie Thatcher. Apart from Nancy giving him a belt, Maggie would probably torn him a new one.

Doing my best to get the Bear back.

GreenSmile said...

Gerry is a worry to us, Jahteh. I go back and forth between feeling like I am talking a man on a window ledge into not jumping and feeling like I should be as ruthless in my own self assessment as he is before I tell him what to do.