Friday, July 28, 2006

A lump coal in your air

As if any further discrediting of the Cato Institute were needed, we now at least see that it is possible. The majority of climate experts agree that immediate changes in planning are needed to keep more of us from becoming global warming victims. Coal burning is the main source of that dusting of mercury on your entire country, forests, birds and all. The only reason you don't find more in ponds is because the life and the lively chemistry there sequesters it or lets it settle to the bottom. We should make Big Coal clean up its act instead of letting it spend money buying the answers it wants from a "scientist" at the Cato Institute and lobbying for permission to poison our land and clean up financially while you swelter.

Paid liars have been as much of a hindrance to getting our elected leaders to respond to the global warming crisis as their own stupidity so I am glad to see that at least one of the paid liars has shut up and maybe even shut down.

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