Thursday, July 27, 2006

end of an era

This has been coming for a while. You can catch alternative accounts and commetary about it over at slashdot.

Is it a retreat from imperialism? Is it an admission that we are no longer the world's technology sugardaddy? Its an appropriate development I suppose but I find it slightly sad. If Bush knew jack squat about the internets, he'd probably sic Bolton on anyone "giving away" US control. Foot dragging is expected.

Perhaps we will now get some new TLD names that don't reflect your government's view of the world...which up until now, has been:

  1. .com pays tax
  2. .org does not pay tax or get tax
  3. .edu does not pay tax, may get tax
  4. .gov spends tax with some accountability and with out killing
  5. .mil spends tax it does not have to explain completely, with license to kill

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