Thursday, February 08, 2007

Damn bloggers!

I give up.

This conceit that I have a gentle thoughtful voice that can be cleanly partitioned from my upset and very critical voice is an unsupportable failure. There are other bloggers in me, running very distinct blogs. In those cases the separation comes naturally and does so because the forces of separation are all outside of me: the causes, motives, messages and readers. I barely mention those blogs here.

But for generally communicating thoughts [he calls this thinking?] and reactions and experiences in hopes the sharing seeks its own community, there are not multiple bloggers, just little ol' me.

Big deal. There wasn't much consistency here anyway. The practical effect of this admission is that I just post here. Most people handle their moods and subjects via tagging and new Blogger supports labels. What used to seem fit only for "A Bomb A Nation" now just blogged here at ET and labeled as political.

This retreat from self imposed schizophrenia should eventually have some payoff. I think without the extra hurdle of deciding where to file the thought. I have only one template to master or play with. Over time I may do user friendly things like better side show material and best-of lists...we'll see.

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Davo said...

side show material and best-of lists

Perish the thought. This blog will become yet another of the "threemillion, five thousand, 280" others, and only worth a passing glance.

Have come to appreciate its careful and slow thought, written.