Monday, February 12, 2007

Some local meta this happening where you live?

Via the excellent media blog run by Jay Rosen at NYU, I learn from Lisa Williams that the roiling turnover of consolidation of paper media under pressure from web media is just picking up momentum. I have blogged all week about MSM not understanding what blogging is doing on "their" turf. One of my other gigs is compiling and maintaining an online database of media contact information for my local Operation Democracy council. That chore has led me to whine where ever I find an ear that keeping track of local newspaper contacts is like chasing down butterflies. Turns out some change is good. "The" newspaper in most towns in our area is likely to be owned by Gateway, a New York based newspaper chain. They have just placed most of their content under Creative Commons copyright. But that is the small part of the story. The big part is the pioneering effort of this maverick among the for-profit press establishment to get a grip on citizen journalism

I will get back to you when I know just how much news "Wicked Local" will let us dump into the stream. Up until now, most of the search options I have seen for Wicked Local have not been on news content but on classified advertising....we will see.

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Keep writing those cards and letters, folks! Your congressman gets scared and lonely when there is no one around the capital but lobby-bots and creatures from the corporate lagoon to talk to. And there is so much you need to tell your congress critter.
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