Monday, February 12, 2007

IQ could also stand for...

Intelligence Quashing. Yeah!, how d'ya like them apples?! Our own CJCS, very publicly questioning the case even as Bush's battalion of crackerjack fact-fudgers beats the drums for more war.

I think its fair to question how intelligent your intelligence is when your spies and analysts don't have enough knowledge of the language spoken in the country they claim they are probing to even fake the writing on the munitions they claim they have found. You have seen these pictures all over the news, this from a story in the Casper Star Tribune:
Why do the Iranians only label their explosives in English? Maybe there is a reason, did we sell them the equipment? But certainly there is a credibility gap. Hollywood would come up with better props. It might seem sarcastic to ask why the administration is not faking evidence but so very much of what they have told us in the past was paint on muslin, a flimsy simulacrum of a cause for war. Its coming apart in tawdry bits at the Scooter Libby's trial these last three weeks. We should demand far greater proof, something absolutely convincing.

Suppose such evidence were produced? Did Iranians start exporting these weapons before we invaded? Why would their putative meddling in a war that rages right on their own border and opens an opportunity to settle old scores that the US and Saddam racked up surprise anyone? If you plan a little war, you are spposed to think through all the things that would keep it from being a bigger war...unless a bigger war was what you wanted. Now as I recall, we were sold a little war. Why would it be grounds for the US to bomb or invade Iran if they are guilty only of trying to steer a conflict they did not start and which was marked by futile carnage before they ever got involved? If they start sneaking bombs into the US, and do so without the provocation of any military action on their soil then there would be a case . In effect, the administration is using the predictable outcome of hostilities it started as an excuse for more hostilities. This is as empty of sense and morality as anything that pathetic bunch of desk bound warmongers has yet done.

This is how your president's men get the intelligence they want so why on earth do they expect us to believe them? Aren't we already hurting badly from the last time they cried wolfowitz?

Todays rant was fueled by Truthout and TPM

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