Friday, February 09, 2007

One Escalation begets another...

You gotta love a "leader" so pigheadedly wrong that he achieves through stubborn arrogance a mobilization of his opponents that the opposition leadership could not. I just clicked through to see how many parties had registered with MoveOn to show "The Ground Truth" within 30 miles of my town. As of 10 AM on Feb 9th, THIRTY different screenings, a few in large venues like churches! The call to host these parties only went out on the 7th. Most of the blurbs provided by hosts specifically mention "Stop the Escalation" in their title or description. Heckuvajob there Dubya.

They say if you love sausage, never visit a sausage factory. I will review the movie after I show it but I get the impression this is going to be the sausage factory tour of Bush and Cheney's war that the war lovers don't want to see. I read comments in blogs like Pandagon where the hurt and anger of war supporters seeths against the majority who want this stupid deadly adventure curtailed. People who confuse being against the war with being disrespectful of the sacrifices, bravery and good intentions of our troops should just STFU and listen to what some of those very troops have to say.

What will the war's supporters be showing? Mel Gibson movies? Leni Riefenstahl moofies? Newsreels of Joe McCarthy hearings? Fox news reruns? Porn?

The street is no longer the only place where you can assemble a crowd because elbow-to-elbow is no longer needed for a murmur to move through the people. The only thing that has not changed is what they murmur: "If I were endowed as the emperor is, I would wear clothes!"

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